The Friday Five

By Diana

It's been a while since I shared some of the things going on in my personal life. Okay, maybe just a long time since I've blogged at all. Ha! I'm definitely going to be working on that in the upcoming months. Chris and I built raised beds for our herb garden, a trellis box for our cucumbers and containers for our tomatoes. It's been pretty cool to watch everything grow and watch go from the planter to the plate. You can see the progression of our plants here (from left to right: seedlings, thyme, lavender)

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook then you know I'm an Iron Chef, Bizarre Foods, No Reservations fanatic. We made a yummy grilled Tilapia with a parmesan basil pesto sauce. Here's some of our pictures from the kitchen I took with my point and shoot Nikon D40 and using the "Nifty Fifty" 50 mm f/1.8. I love the bokeh in the stainless steel bowl with the whisk.

I think at the end of the season, I'm going to pull all of our favorite recipe's, cooking and herb photos and make a coffee table book with photos and recipes. Some of my favorite recipes this year have come from Cooking Light's annual best of cookbook.

I'm all about buying local. Nourish is definitely one of my favorite shops on Broughton Street in downtown Savannah. They are at the corner of Broughton and Barnard. If you are downtown, don't miss the opportunity to go check out their all natural, locally made soaps and bath products. The Bath Fizzies and the Don't Bug My Dog soap are my favorites. With natural goodness in them like Jojoba oil, coconut oil and shea butter and scented with things like lemongrass and hibiscus, your skin will love you and your mojo will thank you for the relaxation and escape. Destination Brides, their soy candles and aromatherapy products would make a great treat in a Buy Local Welcome Basket. (Psst... the remainder of the images in this post were shot using the Nikkor 70-200 f2.8 VR lens. I used open shade and eliminated any distraction or business behind by blurring the background with the shallow depth of field at the widest aperture and zooming in.)

I'm a Southern Girl at heart, born and raised here in Savannah. One of my favorite memories as a child was taking care of the garden and canning, freezing vegetables and pickling. Maybe this is where my love for the Mason Jar came from but regardless it has as many uses around my house as duct tape. (from left to right: Dried Dill, Peppermint Iced Tea, canned tomatoes, Peach Preserves, and Pickled Okra/Cucumbers).

Speaking of yummy goodness, I'm all about wine thirty. The Cupcake Prosecco is one of my favorites!!! Seriously. And under $10 a bottle it's a steal. I never drink champagne anymore. It's perfectly dry and no headache from the Nitrates. Chris buys Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joe's by the case. $1.99 a bottle. What?!! You gotta read the whole story about it over here. And since there seems to be a local theme going on on my 5 Things I Love today, I had to include Butterduck's Wine. They are a small winery just outside of Savannah in Effingham County. Check their website for their wine and food pairings. It would make a sweet and romantic date off the beaten path. Of course, if you don't wnat to drive out of town to try their wine, Moon river Brewing Company on Bay Street also sells their wine.

I really couldn't talk frosty beverages without including my friend, Guinness. Okay so maybe it's 6 Things I love!

It's summertime, so I can't leave this list without some of my favorite beauty products. Two things I can't live without -- high humidity hairspray and SPF tinted moisturizer. I'm a child of the 70's. We were so brutal to our skin. I remember my friends in high school sunbathing with baby oil and vegetable oil. OMG. Seriously people. Use sunscreen. Period. This product is light and it hardly feels like you're wearing anything. It wears really well with mineral powders too. Speaking of sun damage and skin hyper-pigmentation, Pond's Clarant B3 is AMAZE-ing at evening out skin tone and dark spots from sun damage.

Oooohh and Happy independence Day! Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday.


Fraternal Twin Baby Boys "N" :: Savannah Family Photographer

By Diana

You wouldnandrsquo;t find two alike in the whole world, son,andrdquo; Father said. Not even two blades of grass are the same. Everything is different from everything else, if you look at it.andrdquo;
~from Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder
I loved getting to share a few minutes with these two adorable little men who just recently celebrated their one year birthday! All smalls, giggles and such sweet little men.

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