I believe that weddings are a social celebration of a very sacred commitment and feel honored to be participants in every wedding I shoot. I feel it's important to treat both the day and the families involved with the highest level of respect. Most of all, weddings are a day filled with beauty and magic that emerges effortlessly. My job is to capture that magic in the most authentic way - unobtrusively, honestly, joyfully.

Diana Daley Weddings provide a cutting edge photographic service, offering the most recent advances in the photography field. Diana is always well versed in the latest wedding trends and bride preferences. Her approach is contemporary and always in the best of taste. Diana strives for the perfect combination of timeless elegance and fresh style that reflects your family and personal styles. She understands that each couple is unique in their style, personality, and biography and strive to produce images that reflect that individuality. The era of assembly line coverage and common, ordinary albums is over. Diana Daley Weddings represents the grace, distinction, and style that is possible in wedding photography. 

Diana will photograph 12-15 full service weddings in 2015 with an emphasis on the Southern destination wedding. She is based in Savannah and travels worldwide to work with couples planning destination weddings. Whether you are planning a Low Country Destination Wedding or a unique getaway somewhere more exotic, give Diana a call to discuss documenting your wedding weekend. 


Style Q's:

Q: What type of wedding photography do you shoot?

A: My style is a blend of genres with it's roots based in the journalistic and editorial styles. I've developed my style over years of working with brides, grooms, and their families and reflecting on what is consistently a timeless appeal. My approach is very hands off with an emphasis on candid portraits that have minimal directing. Your wedding should focus on the experience of the day and not become a full fledged fashion shoot. I'll never stop you during the first dance or cake cutting. I do however insist upon a dedicated portrait hour (whether that's before or after your ceremony) to capture casual, loving portraits of the bride and groom away from the bridal party and family. I believe in romantic lighting (often natural, soft and always flattering), incredible backgrounds and choosing locations very carefully. I also believe in strongly preserving the details of the day to provide an editorial compliment to your emotional moments. 

Q: We love your style but would love to have some traditional portraiture of the family.  Is this something you do?

A: Absolutely! I do traditional portraiture at most  of our weddings. Even the most modern brides still want the heirlooms that family portraiture creates. I do not, however, conduct portrait sessions in a traditional way. Instead, they are very loose, fun, and show off your personality.  During our pre-planning leading into your wedding day, I will provide you a questionnaire to discuss the needs of your family and the family portraits that are typically taken during this time. You will have an opportunity to share additional family groupings but I encourage keeping them under 10 to 13 to manage our time. Since the basis of my style is largely unposed and relies on genuine interactions, providing a long list of family portraits will hinder my ability to provide those images. The questionnaire and pre-planning will also cover the unique nature of your wedding, locations, and specifics so providing a "shot list" is unnecessary. If you have something unique or special to you that you'd like to incorporate, share it with me at any time!

Travel and Coverage Q's

Q: Do you travel?

A: Yes. Wait, heck yes! I live in Savannah but have travelled extensively most of my life. My business has always been destination focused and I am very comfortable traveling for my clients.  My travel fees are straightforward and simple -- email me to get a custom quote. 

Q: Who will shoot my wedding? Do you have a second photographer? Assistant?

A: I am the primary shooter for all weddings booked! I always bring an assistant to help handle my equipment and task specific details like lighting and organizing. In some cases, my assistant will also shoot. For larger events, a second shooter is provided in addition to the assistant. Keep in mind, small destination weddings that are intended to reflect an intimate style should be reflected in your photography team. It would be silly to bring lighting assistants carrying flashes on sticks, reflectors, and a barrage of extra shooters. Your wedding should never turn into a full fledged commercial shoot. 

Q: How long before we see our images?

A: Images are online in a personal viewing gallery within 4 weeks. You will be notified when they are ready to be viewed. A sneak preview is usually available on our blog or facebook page within 72 hours.

Q: How many pictures do we get?

A: As many as it takes! = ) No, seriously, every wedding is different. Some have a large number of guests and others have smaller, more intimate groups. One bride may plan for a celebration that is rich in details, while another may opt for the simplicity of the sense of place in a Destination using candles and lighting to evoke mood instead. My job is to tell the story of the day and I don't have a final count I am looking for in the end. On average, 500-700 images is typical. Keep in mind, I will look for quality in emotion, composition and meaningfulness of the image before it goes into your final gallery. I will never provide a shot gun approach with no context in your images just to provide you a bunch of images. You will be overwhelmed and quite honestly, it's why you are hiring a professional and not Uncle Bob or a friend with a nice camera. 

Q: Can we see the out takes?

A: Nope. = ) I delete images that are duplications, flash didn't fire, eyes are closed, Uncle Lucy looks like she hit the vodka early, etc. etc. etc. I want to show you and your family in the very best way possible. I'm not looking for a specific number of images to present you and if a photo hits all of my merit points, you are going to see it. Don't ask to see unedited, RAW images either. = ) Images not in your final gallery are not archived and are not available for viewing.

Q: Do we get the files? What about our engagement session?

A: Yes. You will receive your coffeetable proof book (images are thumbnailed for easy reference on your DVD) and DVD of images approximately 8-12 weeks after your wedding day. There may be some delays in the months of November and December due to the holiday season and any scheduled leave. If you would like any images from your engagement session, there is an early DVD fee of $200 or you may purchase files individually as a digital download from your viewing gallery. We also provide a list of resources for printing from your DVD, decorating your home with professional portraits, and a personal print release.